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Age of Conan Level Guide – Some Tips to Help You Level Up Fast in This Online Game

Age of Conan is a popular game that you can enjoy online. However, like any other online games, you may be wondering how to make your leveling up move faster than your current pace.

Of course, one of the things that can make your online gaming experience a good one is from jumping from levels to levels to experience new things and features of the game. To help you with it, you can actually find some Age of Conan level guide to help you learn some tips and tricks on how to do it.

Here are just some tips and suggestions that you can make use in moving up faster in the Age of Conan game.

If you are just starting, or you are still in the early levels of Level 1 to 5, you may find these levels a little easier but of course if have an Age of Conan level guide, it will be a lot easier for you to get past the first levels. You may also notice some help buttons popping up during your game, but you can get rid of them to avoid obstruction.

In the early levels, before you head for the jungles, take time to visit the beach and kill those Scavengers. Also take time to kill those crocodiles on the beach. You will also find the Ancient Crocodile. Steal the chests you will find as well. You can find one in the sea floor if you JOKER123 swim off the shore. If you have killed all the mobs in the beach and completed these missions, you will find your level climbing up fast to level 3 even before going into your jungle. It will also make you go faster into the jungle at level 3.

As you go higher into the levels of the game, you will also find it harder to level up each time. After you are done with the Tortage, you may want to explore other strategies that can work in making you move faster in leveling up. One thing you can take note in these stages is to use the dying and spawning technique in traveling fast. Of course, you have to know the resurrection points in every zone.

The harder may it be to level up as you move along with the higher levels of the game, you can however discover strategies to level up fast. However, one of the good tips that you can take note is to select the right character that can level up faster. It seems that some characters can be easier to level.

If you love the game but you just can’t spend more time on it, finding a good Age of Conan level guide will help you a lot in reducing your time spent on the game and reaching higher levels in a shorter time than the usual. Guides like these will help you explore what to do to in every zone and in every level to move on to the next and not waste time wandering around.